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Bonjour où Bonsoir, mes amis!  C'est Inas, la fille qui possède ce blog. It's been so long since I've posted here and now I need to clean this site up first. 

By the way, that's Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人) or Attack on Titan. And no, I haven't watched the anime, only the live-action part 1 (it sucked). Sorry, guys.

So... you must be wondering why on earth am I posting, right? I mean, I made a huge fuss about how I'm not going to post for a WHOLE YEAR, yet here I am, making this post. Clearly, I have a problem with self-consistency. But, who cares?

For those of you who follow this blog for the reviews, sorry guys, no review for today. I made a promise not to read until I finished the college examination exams, and that is still what I'm trying to do. I'm a girl true to her words. Instead, I'm going to share with you an essay I wrote for an  English assignment back in eleventh grade.

Our English teacher asked us to write an essay on one of the most inspiring people to us. Most people wrote their mothers, fathers, and the like. But, me? I'm not most people. I tried so hard to think of anyone who really exists in this universe, but couldn't think of one. But then, I heard that one of my friends wrote about Sherlock Holmes. I didn't realize you could even write about a fictional character! So, of course, this one fictional guy would be my most inspiring person.

It's about my most favorite fictional character created by one of the most wonderful authors of all time. For those of you who have been paying attention, you might have guessed who it is. Yep, it's in the title, smarty-pants. If you haven't heard of him, you will after you've finished reading my essay.

Anyway, you should know first that by reading this essay, you have seen deepest part of my heart none of my family members has seen. You should know that this guy is the reason I don't fall asleep during class lectures because I always try to conjure him up in my mind to keep me awake. You should know that this guy is the one I have set to be the guy of my dreams. You should know that this fictional guy is the only fictional guy I'm always too afraid to write fanfictions of because I'm afraid I won't be able to create him perfectly as he is.

He is my kind of perfect guy. I don't think I can create him in my own mind perfectly.

Donc, voilà!

by Aldilla Yasmin Inas

In life, I have encountered many inspiring people throughout the years. They appeared in various forms and stages. Some of them are young, old, or something between the two. Some of them exist in real life and others are fictional. In some cases, they inspire me because of their personalities, traits, or habits, while the others inspire me because of their inventions or breakthroughs. However, in this essay, I am not going to talk about anyone within my inner circle of relationship. Getting inspired by people who are close to myself is inevitable, therefore I will not talk about them. After racking my brain of somebody, something, someone that inspires me, I finally found whom I am looking for and his name is Carswell Thorne.

Carswell Thorne is a fictional character created by Marissa Meyer. He exists in the world of The Lunar Chronicles series. He is a pilot and a former Airforce cadet of American Republic military. When he was nineteen, he stole a spaceship and deserted the military. Eighteen months later, he was found and arrested in the Eastern Commonwealth. Although he was a criminal, I found myself admiring him because of his courage, sense of humor, and ability to make fun of any kind of hard situation. He is not exactly the most favorite character in the series and that is understandable. While some people find his snarky comebacks as annoying, I found it endearing and amusing.

He is also known to be very good looking and he knows it. He may sound like a narcissist, but it is actually the way he always brings himself with confidence that awes me the most. When he was in trouble, he always found ways to outsmart those who were trying to bind him down. When people—his father, for example, wanted Thorne to be a pilot like him, but he became a thief instead—expected certain things from him, he ignored them and did things his own way. It might sound a bit rebellious, but his demeanor inspires me to do what my heart wants instead of going with what people expect—as long as you do not break any rules. Or rather than pleasing other people, his actions make me want to find a way to please other people and myself. Because you see, we would only live with certain people for a certain amount of time, while we would get to live with ourselves for the rest of our lives. So, better do what makes us happy, right?

Not to mention, Thorne’s awesomeness was at its peak when he started dethroning the tyrant Queen Levana of Luna. He was one of the crews that (accidentally) participated in the revolution. He contributed by providing a spaceship (that he stole)—called the Rampion—to accommodate the crew all the way through their journey that lasted four books. He developed from being a flirtatious and narcissistic guy to a loyal and responsible friend. He overcome many obstacles and even got blinded because he just plummeted to earth in a satellite crash. He went through all this willingly because he knew that he was doing the right thing, even though at the moment he was one of the most wanted fugitives on earth.

In all, I think Carswell Thorne is not exactly your typical inspiring person. He is full of flaws and yet he finds many ways to cover them and appear flawless. He is a person with a dark past and broken home, but he is able to prove that all of those will not get the better of him. He is sly and untrustworthy (most of the time), but once you get to know him, he can be the most trustworthy and loyal person you will ever encounter. More importantly, he shows me that I am more than just the sum of people’s opinions about me.

Whew, that was quite a lot, huh? Thank you for reading it all! I know it's long and probably boring to read. was it? Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you're a fan of Carswell Thorne, I would like to talk to you about him! Let's fangirl together!

Anyways, bye for now! See you whenever! Tu vas me manquer!

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