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It's no longer a secret that I've been having high expectations for the last installment of The Selection's series. I've been very giddy since I finished The Heir around six months ago, since then, I couldn't stop talking about the book with my fellow fangirls. We've been talking about the title's possibilities, and well, we got it right. My friend and I came up with many possibilities and one of them was The Crown. We couldn't stop fangirling over it, we thought it was a good sign that we got the title right. Maybe the stars would align for us and Kile would be the one Eadlyn choose in the end. Maybe the cover would be so freakin-amazeballs that I would make it my desktop background the moment I laid my eyes on it. 

But, then..

The cover was revealed..

And it looked like this..

Look at that! How could it turn from something like this

into something like that?!

Here is what the author says about the cover (as quoted from Yahoo!),
"I think the purple of The Crown goes well with the gray of The Heir, making the two stories look like they go together,” Cass says. “I also really like Eadlyn’s pose. I think she looks super strong, which suits her. She’s one tough girl.”
Well, how about no?! The new cover shows nothing about her personality. She's supposed to be independent, strong, and most of all, always goes her way to get what she wants. But, instead of looking like that, she looks as if she's not sure whether to smile or not. And what's wrong with her hair? Can't we see more of it? I liked the way she turned her head on The Heir's cover and how we got to see her beautiful hair from the side, but The Crown tells me nothing about her hair. The gown isn't exactly a good one, either. I was super in love with the gown on The Heir's cover, so of course, getting a purple gown with nothing special about it and looks as if it'll fall over any second really ticked me off. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't think the model isn't pretty or something like that. I adore the model, I even follow her instagram! But I think her beauty isn't really captured on the cover of The Crown. On The Heir's cover, she looks mysterious, super hard to approach (that's what I liked the most about her), and radiant, as in the way loyalties do. But, on the newest cover she just looks like a teenager trying one of her mom's gowns. 

Maybe my problem isn't about the color, or the background (it's gorgeous, believe me, I like the way it sparkles and looks as if she's in some kind of night ball. My problem is probably her pose. I would have liked it better if she had looked the other way, or instead of just holding a tiara, I would've liked it better if she's wearing it. I mean, the cover is The Crown! The least you could do was wear the thing that is used as the TITLE of the BOOK! And her expression! I thought she was going to be expressionless or so high-almighty like she thinks so lowly of people (because that's how she is), but no.

And, please, can we take a look at the model's pictures and how beautiful she actually is?

Her hair is GORGEOUS! Why couldn't they just let it cascade smoothly down her back, or instead of pulling it into a bun and showing nothing about the silkiness of it, turn it into something else? They could make it into something prettier, like in The One, or just let it FALL DOWN! Oh, I bet it'd be truly madly deeply beautiful if they did that.

Oh, God, I could go on and on and on about how much I dislike the cover, but then you would grow tired of it and unfollow me. So, yeah. I guess that's all. Oh, and also please note, I'm not blaming Kiera Cass AT ALL about this inconvenience. I know she had nothing to do about it, all she could do was pray and hope that it would be a good cover, but oh well. I guess things don't always go the way you want them to be.

What about you? What do you think of the cover? Is it pretty or nay? If not, how would you like it?

Ranted and Written by Inas

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