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Hey, guys! How's life? I know I haven't updated in a while. So sorry about that. Nothing was wrong, actually. It's just that school was being a total major asshat. Exams all week. Homework's piled up like a stack of dishes. Seriously. I studied until 3 am every day and it was pretty much for nothing. I still failed my tests. Ugh. But that's alright. I'm a big believer of 'when it comes to knowledge, nothing goes to waste'.

Reading any novels has been really difficult for me to do. I've been having loads of tests and homework. And believe me, they're all difficult. Seriously. Reading even a few pages of a novel means losing a few minutes to work on my homework and study for tests. My health didn't help either. I had to stay at home due to some health problem for five days. FIVE. FREAKIN. DAYS! Losing one day of school means getting yourself behind. It means putting yourself in a really hard situation. You have to study more to make up for the days you lost. And that sucks. Not to mention if you also missed an exam or something (which I did), then you would have to have the exam alone. And nothing is worse than having an exam, alone.

SO! Enough talking about me. I just wanted to tell you that this 'lack-of-posts' situation won't last any longer. Or maybe it will. My co-owner, Kelechi, is also busy at the moment. She's just started college and been having pretty hectic weeks lately (like me!). She will be more active after the first one or two weeks, though. So, no need to worry! This site will be back in all its glory before you know it. And also, we will be accepting another admin! Just brace yourself because she's all pure awesomeness. 

I promise you that I'm going my best to update every time I can. I already have some books in mind that I'm going to review soon. I've read them, so hopefully it won't be long until I post the reviews. I'm also planning to share some things related to bookish world! It's more like a project. I've been wanting to write about this for as long as I can remember. But, posting about it will require illustrations regarding the subject, and, well.. I don't have a camera. Nor a cellphone for that matter. 

Annnnddd... you guys must be lonely without me for this past two weeks *wishful thinking*. That's why I'm going to share about the things that (hopefully) will be posted (by me) for the next few weeks. So, let's say, it's like I'm giving you a heads-up. In this case, you will know what you really are waiting for. 


(please note that this list was made by me, so, I'm the one who's going to do them all. but if it goes otherwise, don't sue me.)
  • List of the best places to order your books internationally! (Based on personal experience and other recommendations)
  • An idea to keep track of all the books you've read throughout the year. I've been doing this for two years now. This idea will also help you to keep track of your favorite quotes, other than just keeping track of it on Goodreads.
  • Another How-To! It will be full of gifs and very easy to relate. I've made one How-To so far, you can see it here
  • A long list of all the books I've read this year (complete with mini reviews for some books). This probably will occur at the end of the year, though.
  • Preferably new layout for the site. No? What do you think? Should I change the layout? If yes, what kind of layout do you suggest? I actually like the one I'm using right now, but it messes up if you want to see more than one post per page. And I think that's a big problem.
  • And Other Interesting Stuff That I Haven't Decided. Yet. 
Well? How was it? Are you satisfied with the things you're expecting for the next few weeks (or months)? Probably not, though. It's just a list, not real posts. Anyway, I'm so excited to make these posts into real stuff! And about the last thing, And Other Interesting Stuff That I Haven't Decided. Yet., that's me asking your suggestions! Do you want me to talk about any particular things (you know, other than reviews)? As long as it's related to books, I'd be glad to work on it!

So? What do you think? Are they worth waiting for? Yay or nay? Feel free to comment! I'd be on cloud nine if you do! And also, Please be patient and keep your shit together for the next few weeks because I'll be back sooner than you think!

P.S. be sure to check this before you go. I'm still in need for co-owners. Like, in super need of one (or more!). So, please please please, if you love to read and talking about the books you read, sign yourself up! I won't pressure you to do anything hard. It'll all be fun and you'll be lifting some weight off my shoulders.

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  1. I can't wait to read more reviews from you!
    I'm a hardcore bookworm so most of the time it really helps me to choose what book to read etc.
    I love this layout of yours but if you wanna change it, I'm excited to see it.

    1. Thank you! I just got some eARCs, so perhaps I'll be reviewing them soon!
      You know, you can even request a review if you want :D
      I like this layout too, but it's not mobile-responsive, so I decided to change it.


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