Review Ratings

Since I'm probably going to review everything I read from now on, I think it'll be best for me to really explain what my star rating means now. So, here goes nothing:

  • 5 stars

If I give a book 5 stars, it means I'm head over heels for it. The book is completely flawless and I absolutely enjoy every second of reading but dreading every second closer to the end. Your negative comments about that book are invalid and therefore won't affect my opinion at all. So, it's either you and I have different taste in books or you have no idea what great books are like.

  • 4 stars

If I give a book 4 stars, it means I really like that book. I like it sooooo much. But, there may be some things that annoy me or leave me with complicated feelings while reading it, therefore, I have to give it one less star because it's not worth it to give that book 5 stars. Or it can be that despite some things that bother me while reading it, I still really enjoy that book as a whole therefore I decide to give it 4 stars.

  • 3 stars
If I give a book 3 stars, it means I like that book, but, not that much. While reading it, I may find the book enjoyable, but at the same time I may also find it a bit boring and really worth taking off 2 stars for.

  • 2 stars
If I give a book 2 stars, it means I don't like that book. The book lacks everything that should be in a book. There may be several reasons why I don't like it. It can be the romance, the plot, the characters, the dialogues, the writing, or all of them altogether.

  • 1 star
If I give a book 1 star, it means I HATE that book. I would be better off without reading it in the first place. The only reason I finish that book will probably because then I can find a better book to read. Or, so I will know what bad books are like and won't let myself fall for them the second time.

Hope it clarifies everything and don't forget to give your opinions about the books I've reviewed!

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