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I decide to talk about how to be the most amazing and extraordinary species on earth a.k.a FANGIRLS slash FANBOYS. Because, well, who else is capable of teaching you to be the most astounding and mind-blowing species on earth besides one of the species itself? Or, in this case, ME!

Let me introduce myself first. I'm a fangirl of many fandoms. I'm a fangirl of bookish, tv series, anime, actors, actresses, and basically everything's fandoms. But, I think this assistance is best if you want to be bookish fangirls/fanboys. So, actually it also works either way if the title is How To Be a Bookworm. Because, well, this is a book blog after all.

Okay, so, first of all, I need you to throw your calmness out the window because one thing you have to know for sure, is that...

So, throw that shit out of your life. Because starting right now, you need to overreact over the most trivial thing. Like when someone just sat on your book, or spill his coffee all over it, or insult your favorite character, YOU NEED TO FREAK OUT AND LASH OUT AND HAVE A FIT! Because one thing you must know for sure is that NO ONE MESS WITH YOUR BOOKS/OTPs/CHARACTERS!! In case you don't know what that's like, this is how you should react when someone does one of the above:

Because if you don't, then I really need to question the purity of your fanboy/fangirl's heart.


BUT, USUALLY YOU DO THIS ON THE INTERNET OR ELSE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL LOOK AT YOU FUNNY (you know, because caps lock basically means yelling in real life?)

When you're going to read a book. Do these things. Okay. So, I want you to start doing this sacred ritual every time you're going to read a book, the physical one, not the electronic one. Because it won't work on the electronic one. At least it's going to feel different.

This is you arriving at the bookstore.

You promised your parents or maybe your friends (those you're hanging out with in the bookstore) that you're only going to buy 1 or 2 books and that you won't spend more than 30 minutes. But, the truth is harsh and once you step into a bookstore, you're actually having a battle between you and your impulse control. And every single time, you lose. You hear me? You effing lose. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

But, you have no regret every time you do that. And you always do it no matter how much self-restraint you manage to own before stepping into the bookstore.

After, you buy those books, you bring them home, peel off the plastic wraps and start caressing the cover with so much love and passion you can muster you're practically hugging it.

After you've finished, you start opening the pages at random, bring the book to your nose, and you SNIFF THE BOOK.

That's right. You friggin sniff it.

Seconds later, you come to realization that

The stares of other people are nothing compared to the ecstasy of smelling your new books. So, it's basically worth it.

After you've finished those sacred rituals of reading. You finally get to do the most crucial thing. Which is, START READING!

You're totally in the zone when you're reading. You pay no attention to the world around you. A meteor could've struck the earth and you wouldn't even give a damn about it. All that matters when you're reading is the world you're drowning yourself into.

You will have various expressions and behaviors as you fall deeper to the world of your books. You're going to feel joy, sorrow, betrayed, and you'll probably cry. It depends on the books, really.

You're going to feel so much happiness when your OTP (one true pair) interacts or do cute stuff together.

And you feel so much sadness and sorrow when your favorite character dies as if they were your own family.

And then.. you continue reading the whole book. You were having soooooo much fun with all the characters when out of nowhere.. THE BOOK ENDS. You're not ready for it. Definitely not ready for it  if the ending was a cliffhanger. You start screaming and throwing things around and blaming the author for everything. You just can't believe the book betrays you after you put so much faith in it.

You're having a major BOOK HANGOVER for days. You don't feel like eating, taking a bath, or pretty much breathing because you know your favorite character just died and you just don't feel fair when you're breathing the air and he/she isn't. People will start telling you 'gosh it's just a book, get over it!' or 'they're not real'. But, they don't understand. THERE'S NO WAY THEY CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH. 

You start telling them that it's not just a book and they're not just characters. But, they're just too stupid to understand and you finally get tired of explaining.

So, you start doing this mental abuse on them inside your head.

But, you know what? Wasting your time on them is definitely useless and worthless, seeing that they won't understand any of us feeling at the moment. So, you decide to move on and grieve all alone by yourself.

You're in a phase of denial. You don't want to believe the book just ended and your favorite character just died and you started telling yourself you're okay when you're actually not.

But, you're finally able to move on. How? It may take a while, but in the end you'll be able to pick up a new book and START DOING ALL OF THE ABOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Of course, you will always know that in the deepest part of your heart, that book will always have a place in your mind, body, and soul.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just officially became an official member of the fangirl/fanboy of books' species! Now, once you join, there's no turning back because there's just no way you could ever go back to being your old self. You will always act the same way towards every good book you read and there's no denying it.

Oh, you will also become highly alert for every word that has anything to do with your characters, OTP, books, or anything that has anything to do with the object of your fangirlsm/fanboism. 

Once in a while, you get to meet other people of your species. When you find out that they fangirl/fanboy over the same object as yours, you officially become buddies for life.

You will also be very easily offended if someone insults your object of fangirlsm/fanboism you can't help but feel sorry for them because they don't get to know the awesomeness that is your object.

You will also feel something stirs deep inside you every time your OTP interacts and can't help but do a happy squeal that probably will be heard by the people in Timbuktu.

And, yep. When your OTP/favorite character dies, you will also die. I mean, like, mentally and literally.

But, overall, you feel great about yourself because you know that you can see everything in a whole new perspective now. You will have a new schedule of activities now, which includes reading fanfiction, tumblr-ing non-stop, re-reading books, discussing books with your book buddies, and waiting for book conference/signings. Besides, now you have one goal in life that's quite clear: meeting the actors/actresses of the movie adaptation of your favorite book or the author of the book in real life. You will also feel full and complete and your life will also be colorful.

So, don't blame anyone if you've become a total fangirl/fanboy now. Especially not me.

"Wow, I just realized that this is one hell of a long post. But whatevz" -me

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