The Evolution of Trash Bins! | The Bins of Cotteridge Down

The Bins of Cotteridge Down by Peta Lemon
Publisher: Quirky Picture Press
Release date: November 23rd, 2018
Genres: Children
Pages: 34
Source: Received from the Author
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In a corner of England lies an old town.

A curious place – it’s called Cotteridge Down.

Cotteridge Down is not at all clean.

But the smelliest, filthiest place ever seen.

Festering rubbish is left on the ground.

Cruddy old carpets and boots lay around.

The smell is revolting! Too much too bear.

Even the rats packed and left in despair.

Fed-up and cross with the state of the place.

An empty street bin says, “What a disgrace!

Right, that’s it, enough is enough.

Now it is time for the bins to get tough!”

Join the Bins of Cotteridge Down as they teach the litter bugs a lesson and carry out the greatest cleaning expedition ever known!

Can the bins save Cotteridge Down before it is too late?

And will they get a Royal seal of approval?

The Bins of Cottridge Down is the third rhyming picture book by Peta Lemon and Maria Dasic Todoric. With hilarious illustrations and an important message about respecting the environment, the Bins of Cotteridge Down will have to be read again and again!

Oh my God. It feels like forever since the last time I wrote a review! It's just been too hectic because I was always either too lazy or too busy. But now I decided to just write anything that comes into my mind no matter how shitty it is. So, here goes another review of a rhyming picture book by Peta Lemon! In case you didn't know, I and my friend, Firly, reviewed one of her books before here.

Here are some points that I concluded while reading this 34-pages book:

  • It's short. Undeniably so, since it's a children picture book. But it's the perfect length for chilren to read! Make it any longer and any child would fall asleep.

  • It's full of colors! I love how we're shown both the clean and filthy version of Cotteridge Down. The squeaky clean version is drawn with such bright colors while the filthy one is shown as dark, muddy, disgusting, and well... filthy.

  • The rhymes! Need I say more? I love rhymes. I think we should literally use them in our daily conversations. They spice up boring things and whenever I notice anyone speaks in rhymes--intentionally or not--my insides would smile when I notice them. In all, I think the rhymes are what make this kind of books highly enjoyable. Especially Peta Lemon's.

  • The moral values are implicitly told. But no child would miss it. I bet every single children would watch where they throw away their trash after reading this book. The thing with children is that you can't tell them what to do. They learn better by realizing what they do wrong and making up for it later. This book does just that because it doesn't teach children how to keep the environment clean but it steers their mind to think of what the right thing to do is.
In all, I recommend parents and anyone who has small siblings or relatives to gift their beloved small ones this book! Give it as a Christmas or even New Year present and you don't have to worry about them making a mess home anymore.

Thank you, Peta Lemon, for providing us the ebook version of The Bins of Cotteridge Down in exchange for an honest review!

Our rating: ★ ★ ★ 

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