Invisible Girl and Her Two Sidekicks | Bumi

Bumi (Bumi, #1) by Tere Liye
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Release date: January 27th, 2014
Genres: Indonesian Lit., Fantasy
Pages:  440
Source: Bought it
My name is Raib, 15 years old, 10th grader. I am a girl just like you, your sisters, your neighbors. I have two cats, their names are White and Black. My mom and dad are fun to be around. The teachers in my school are cool. My friends are nice and awesome.

I am not unlike most teenagers, except for one thing. There's something I've been hiding ever since I was little. Something miraculous.

My name is Raib. And I can disappear.

The first book in the BUMI series.


Hi, fellow bookworms! I'm back after such a super long hiatus! I can guarantee you I'm not dead. It's just that it was kinda hard to get back on track on my reading ever since my parents banned me from buying any novels months leading up to my high school graduation and college entrance exams. However, I'm gonna try to post regularly now that I've bought so many novels!

Okay, on to the review.