Fangirlish | A Special Tribute to The Last Hunger Games Movie

Only a few more days until the finale of one of the most anticipated movies in 2015. Well, the title says it all, this post is going to be a special tribute for the last Hunger Games movie, which is....

Cover Reveal | The Crown

It's no longer a secret that I've been having high expectations for the last installment of The Selection's series. I've been very giddy since I finished The Heir around six months ago, since then, I couldn't stop talking about the book with my fellow fangirls. We've been talking about the title's possibilities, and well, we got it right. My friend and I came up with many possibilities and one of them was The Crown. We couldn't stop fangirling over it, we thought it was a good sign that we got the title right. Maybe the stars would align for us and Kile would be the one Eadlyn choose in the end. Maybe the cover would be so freakin-amazeballs that I would make it my desktop background the moment I laid my eyes on it. 

But, then..

The cover was revealed..

And it looked like this..